Day 48 – Fromista (reposted)

My friends from early in the Camino are in different towns than me now, so I thought I might feel isolated. I was mistaken. Yesterday and today I met a bunch of new people and have already formed friendships. The Camino is amazing that way. All the new faces makes it feel like a brand new Camino!

We started the morning with a climb, then had a long trek through the Meseta. 16 miles total. Overall it was another pleasant day talking with new friends.

Birthday dinner with Peter from Guernsey, Melissa from Alaska, Heidi from Germany, Stacey and Rhonda from California.
The top of the morning climb looking back towards Castrojeriz.
After our climb things flattened out for the rest of the day. It feels like you can see forever out here.
Another fun mural.
This is the only green field we saw all day. It had a sprinkler system keeping it green. My understanding is that in Spring these fields are all lush and green, but not now.
Sisters Chrissy and Cathy. Chrissy’s husband Matt is not pictured. He’s a Wolverine fan who is originally from Roseville. We walked together for a couple of hours.
There was a surprise canal at the end of today’s walk. After miles and miles of brown fields, the canal and its trees were a pleasant break.

2 thoughts on “Day 48 – Fromista (reposted)

  1. Happy belated birthday Bill! I was reflecting on your post the other day about the different phases of the Camino and I think, as you said, it is fitting to all of our walks in life….many times it is the body to change first, then the mind and finally we find spiritual awakening.

    Love all the pics you share! Zero surprises that you are making new friends out there all the time…being the shy person you are 😉

  2. I’ve been enjoying your photos all along the way, but the one at the top of today’s post was almost breathtaking, as was the third one below it.

    Thanks for continuing to share your reflections and experiences!

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