Day 49 – Carrión de los Condes

Straight. Flat. No shade. That describes the route today.

Fortunately, there was a second option which was about two miles longer, but that had quite a bit of shade, It also avoided a lot of walking by the road.

90% of us took the longer route, and we are glad we did. It still wasn’t very scenic, but it was much better than walking next to a busy road all day.

Distance walked…13 miles. (Previous two days were 18 and 16 so this was relatively short which my feet and mind appreciated.)

Sunrise leaving Fromista.
What’s the most common food on the Camino? Tortilla. It’s a traditional Spanish omelet with potato, cheese and onion. They have it everywhere and sometimes it’s your only option. Today my hotel breakfast was just some bread, so I stopped for a snack along the trail. This was all that was available. It’s not my favorite but it’s hearty.
Here’s the trail next to the road. Even with the bypass, I had to walk on this for about 5 miles.
The shady route. Like I said not very scenic, but better than a road.
Another of my pilgrim friends. Nice guy but he’s a bit stiff.
These irrigation systems can be found across the Meseta. I’m not sure how they work. .
Staying at a beautiful old monastery tonight. One of the nicest places I’ve stayed so far. I’ve reserved several nice places over the next few weeks. It’s part reward, part motivation. After 7 weeks of walking, it’s easier to walk if a nice room is in your future. View above is from my window.

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