Day 62 – Sarria

It all changes now.

Sarria is about 110 km from Santiago. Anyone who walks at least 100 km qualifies for a “compostela” (a pilgrim’s diploma). As a result, Sarria is the most popular starting town for the Camino. We expect to see a fivefold increase in the number of pilgrims from now on. The relative peace and quiet of the trail is gone, That’s fine, it’s just a new part of the Camino for us to experience.

Also, I’ve changed my plans.

I’m going to take a rest day here in Sarria. This will allow me to rest my toe, and more importantly, it synchs me up with many of my friends so we can all get to Santiago together. That makes me happy.

This probably means I’ll have to drop one of my extra hiking days after Santiago, but that’s a good trade. This is new flexible Camino Bill in action.

I left early today to miss a little of the rain, but it held off, so I missed it all.
Only 11 miles today. Got to Sarria before noon. One of my earliest arrival times. Actually, too early for hotel.
Lots of lovely views again today.
1421 kilometers since Le Puy. A mere 883 miles covered so far.
I title this video “Bill being manipulated by his friends and family.”
I refuse to video anymore cowbells, but my friend Tess from Wisconsin did. Here’s her video from yesterday. Her laugh at the end explains why we all like Tess.

Do you want to see my toe?

Are you sure?

If you keep scrolling, you won’t be able to unsee this.

Really, if you just ate, don’t continue.

Last warning. Your day will be better if you don’t see this.

Really, stop now!!’

Okay, don’t blame me, I gave you a chance…

This little piggy doesn’t like the Camino.

8 thoughts on “Day 62 – Sarria

  1. Take care of that “poor little piggie” A day of rest is a splendid idea! I’ve So enjoyed your travels, cow bells and all! At least cow bells are not as annoying as honking horns and being stuck for hours in traffic.

  2. Keep those cowbells coming!!! Janet got me hooked all those years ago when we were in Europe. I loved Tess’s video!

      1. If you can’t beat them join them. Cross over to the bovine side!! In fact, Bovine Bill sounds way better than bed bug Bill!!

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