Day 63 – Sarria (Rest Day)

Ah. Rest day. I didn’t realize I needed one so much. Multiple naps today. I’m recharged to finish the Camino strong.

Had a battle with bed bugs at my previous stop, so I’ve got a few itchy spots bothering me, but Abbey advised how to treat them, so I should be good. It did lead to a very long night though. I think I’m free of them now. Fingers crossed. Somebody called me “Bed Bug Bill” at lunch. Hoping that doesn’t stick. 🤞

Taking a rest day allowed me to get on schedule with a bunch of friends. Here’s our group for lunch.
Statue in town center.
Mural on side of pilgrim store. The store is called “Kilometer 112” since that’s the distance to Santiago.
Stairs leading up to the center of town.
The sign in front of a local albergue.
Sarria mural.

3 thoughts on “Day 63 – Sarria (Rest Day)

  1. So that photo says it’s your group “for lunch”. Is the liquid lunch a rest day thing or is that your secret for Camino endurance?

  2. I’m already getting a shirt made for you that says “Bed Bug Bill.” And yes, you will regret posting this. The internet never forgets…

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