Day 64 – Portomarin


In the first 63 days of this Camino, I’ve had to walk in the rain for a total of 5 hours. Day 64 added 3 to that number and more rain is in the forecast.

My toe is improved. A day off allowed the irritation to subside a bit and it doesn’t look as bad. I cut a flap in my shoe where it was rubbing, and today after 15 miles, the toe still felt good. No pain or further irritation. I think I may be good from here.

Most of the morning looked like this. Pilgrims in ponchos trudging through the mud. It wasn’t as crowded as I expected, probably due the poor weather.
1500 down. 100 to go.
The new and old bridges to Portomarin.
Stairs leading to Portomarin.
Dinner last night. Seafood paella. Galicia is known for seafood and especially octopus and squid. This was awfully chewy for my tastes.
I didn’t order this, but this is what the octopus dish looked like.
Santiago Cake. Almond cake with powdered sugar.
Video: Rain on the trail.
Bonus Video: Trying to find cowbells.

6 thoughts on “Day 64 – Portomarin

  1. Noticing the earbud … have you told us what you might be listening to on your Camino journey (when not conversing with fellow pilgrims)?

  2. At least it’s not 30 F and snowing. Wait until you get back to MI and have to deal with that! Glad your toe is better. I was thinking either Bill S. or I would have to amputate….

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